Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the Getting Started Guide and the Terms and Conditions in order to have a better understanding of how Royal Coin Works

How do I register?

To register, simply click here and provide all necessary details. Registration is absolutely free and fast

What is the difference between the Bitcoin Wallets or Ethereum Wallet on Blockchain and the bitcoin or ethereum wallet on Royal Coin?

The Bitcoin Wallet or Ethereum Wallet on Royal Coin is created specifically to buy Royal Coins. You must deposit the equivalent worth of money you want to invest into the bitcoin or ethereum wallet on your Royal Coin Account. Click here to deposit bitcoin and ethereum now. After you have deposited the bitcoin or ethereum into your Royal Coin Wallet, you will then use that bitcoin or ethereum to buy royal coins.

What is the minimum amount of Royal Coin I can buy?

You can buy any amount of Royal Coin. No minimum or maximum amount. The amount of Royal Coin you buy determines your weekly returns.

What is my return on investment when i buy Royal Coin?

You invest by buying Royal Coins. Every Royal Coin you buy will appreciate by at least 25% the following week. This means you will get a 25% profit on your investment plus your money back the following week.

For example, if you buy 0.75 RoyalCoin this week at an exchange rate of $25, the value of the royal coin will increase by at least 25% the next week (Sunday) which means your return of investment is $6.25 (Profit) + Your Money ($25) giving you a total of $31.25.

Is Royal Coin a Scam Coin?

Royal Coin is registered on the coin market cap which means this is not a scam coin.

How long does it take for my bitcoin or ethereum to reflect in my account after I have transferred the bitcoin into my Royal Coin Account?

This usually takes about 1 hour due to blockchain confirmations.

When can I withdraw?

You can withdraw your earnings at any time. All your earnings are usually transferred into your USD Wallet every week which means you can only withdraw from your USD Wallet. Click here to withdraw your earnings from your USD Wallet. Your earnings will be transferred into your blockchain or coinbase bitcoin/ethereum wallets within 24 hours.