About Us

RoyalCoin is one of the fastest growing online platform in the world. This platform has been designed to enable people buy royal coins and sell it at a much higher price the following week. ROYAL COINS can never depreciate. The value of the coin is guaranteed to increase by at least 25% every week because of the huge demand on the coins all over the world.

For example, if you buy 0.75 RoyalCoin this week at an exchange rate of $25, the value of the royal coin will increase by atleast 25% the next week (Sunday) which means you can sell the royal coin for atleast $31.25.

Our specialized cryptocurrency trading robot automatically sells all your coins at the end of every week and sends the equivalent amount of your coin to your bitcoin or ethereum wallet. You also make 10% direct referral commission every week on any equivalent amount of coin purchased by your referral weekly.